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World Physiotherapy Day

The Singapore Physiotherapy Association celebrates World Physiotherapy Day (PT Day) yearly on the 8th of September. This date was designated as World PT Day in 1996 by World Physiotherapy, which was founded on that very date in 1951.

SPA World PT Day Theme 2021

This year, SPA will be advocating for physical activity and exercise as we adapt to the 'new normal'. This is also in tandem with the latest World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour published in 2020. The theme 'Get Up! Get Active' aims to get Singaporeans to stay active yet staying safe during this pandemic. We will also be addressing the issue of 'Long Covid', which is the main focus for World Physiotherapy this year.

The association continues to advocate for the role of physiotherapy in various aspects of our lives and encourages people to 'Choose Physio'. Through this campaign, we hope to highlight the unique and diverse roles that physiotherapists play across different population.


For some people, COVID-19 can cause long-term effects such as fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath and more. The condition, known as 'Post-COVID 19 Syndrome' or 'Long COVID' affects individuals differently and can last for weeks of even months. In Singapore, the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) has been studying long COVID and following up with those who have recovered. 

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by Physiotherapists from Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Join TTSH Respiratory Specialist Dr Puah Ser Hon and Senior Physiotherapist Ms Audrey Lee as they discuss all things COVID-19 related, including how it affects our body and why people still experience symptoms long after recovering. Also listen to a COVID-19 survivor as he shares his experience.

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Boosting Your Heart Health with Exercise

by Physiotherapists from National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS)

6 September:

Exercise Safely with Heart Disease

Exercise plays an active role in preventing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer and even osteoporosis. It is recommended to have at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high intensity physical activity per week, such as cycling or walking for 30 minutes for 5 days in a week.

Click here to find out how patients with heart disease can exercise safely with this guide from our cardiac physiotherapists!

Try out these simple exercises that you can do sitting down: https://youtu.be/tjNAi_hmQ64

#WorldPTDay #Physiotherapy #ChoosePhysio

12 September:

Click here to find out more about the differences and watch the exercise video here!

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Weekend Warriors! Let's Discuss Sports Injuries.

by Physiotherapists from Parkway Rehab

Are you a weekend warrior? Or are you just starting out on a new exercise regime or taking up a new sports?

Come and join us for this webinar where we will discuss on common sporting injuries and ways to prevent them.

Date: 11th September 2021

Time: 12pm to 1pm

Zoom link here!

Passcode: 118305

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Physiotherapy. Enhancing Life Through Movement

by Physiotherapists from National University Hospital

This Physiotherapy Day, we would like to honour all Physiotherapists for their dedication and commitment to the profession.

What do Mr Chia, Mdm Haslin, Mr Mustapah, Lekaniya and Mdm Wee have in common? Physiotherapy had helped to enhance their lives through movement! Let's hear from them on how they overcame challenges along their rehabilitation journey and what they have to share.

Click here to view the video! Learn more about NUH Physiotherapists here!

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Active Body, Healthy Mind!

by Physiotherapists from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital

Exercise & Mental Well-Being in The Context of COVID 19

In light of a protracted pandemic, both our physical and mental well-being have been impacted. In a time where there are multiple factors around us that are not in our control; such as social isolation, the closure of gyms and travel restrictions, it is important that we continue to maintain a semblance of normalcy within our lives by consistently engaging in routines such as exercise.

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Our physiotherapists will also bring you on a virtual journey to the west of Singapore! Click the image below to find out more!

Find out how you can exercise (rain or shine!) while you shop, and also stand to win attractive prizes.

Join the J-Walkers+ here!

You can also contribute and help needy patients, so wear a pair of comfortable shoes and start walking today!


Getting Seniors Active!

by Physiotherapists from Yishun Health & Woodlands Health

As we celebrate World Physiotherapy Day, join us this weekend for our live webinar as our physiotherapists share how physical activity and exercise keeps you healthy and resilient throughout your golden years! ‍ ‍

Through this session, our speakers will challenge false paradigms of exercise, empower you with practical exercise tips and share with you how to start moving for health.

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by Physiotherapists from Singapore General Hospital

With World Physiotherapy Day coming up, we have put together a simple exercise programme in English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. This programme aims to improve balance and reduce the risk of falls. These exercises will have 2 different levels of intensity to suit your needs, and they’re easy too –  you just need a chair and a flat ground!

Do check it out on our SGH Facebook page on 8th September. It is perfect for older adults looking to keep fit and active, so feel free to share with them what you learn too!  

Watch the video here!

by Physiotherapists from AWWA

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Stay tuned for tips on keeping active on AWWA's social media

by Physiotherapists from NTUC Health

Stay healthy and active with a series of exercise videos developed by NTUC Health's Allied Health team! From basic stretching exercises to Zumba and Taichi, there's something for everyone!

Click here for the full playlist!

Workplace and Caregiver Ergonomics

by Physiotherapists from Alexandra Hospital (AH)


Falls remain as one of the highest causes of injury to the elderly, and this is especially concerning for Singapore with our ageing population. Therefore, it is vital that family members and caregivers are equipped with the right knowledge and techniques to assist our elderly loved ones who may have mobility issues.

As we commemorate World Physical Therapy Day, our AH physiotherapists have put together important tips on how to safely assist and transfer a loved one at home. Make sure to bear these in mind or share it with those who might need it!

You can also refer to our One-Man Pivot Transfer video here!

#WorldPTDay #WorldPTDay2021

Check out the post on Instagram and Alexandra Hospital Facebook page.

Home Exercise

by Physiotherapists from SPD Singapore

Spending most of our time at home or having no workout equipment should not deter us from being active. Our physiotherapists recently started a challenge to use household items as part of our exercise regime at home. Our staff sure came up with some awesome ideas and activities, some involving pets and family members too!

Physical activity and sedentary behaviours have changed in the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic. In conjunction with World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September, SPD’s physiotherapists have come up with the “Get Up and Get Active’’ mini-series to raise awareness on the importance of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour. Stay tuned for more!

#householditemchallenge #challengeaccepted #worldphysiotherapyday #GetUpAndGetActive #physiotherapy

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SPA Student Council commemorates World Physiotherapy Day 2021!

by Physiotherapy Students from Singapore Institute of Technology

With this year's World Physiotherapy Day, we have lined up a series of informative posts on some of the many specialties in Physiotherapy and the common conditions Physiotherapists treat in Singapore!

Stay tuned as we will be featuring physiotherapists as well as individuals who have received Physiotherapy. We welcomed them to share their inspiring journeys from the perspective of a clinician and patient respectively to give us insight into what Physiotherapy is and how it has impacted their lives.

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