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World Physiotherapy Day

The Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) celebrates World Physiotherapy Day (PT Day) yearly on the 8th of September.
This date was designated as World PT Day in 1996 by World Physiotherapy, which was founded on that very date in 1951.

SPA World PT Day Theme 2022

The focus of World PT Day 2022 is to promote the role of physiotherapists in the prevention of osteoarthritis (OA) and in the management of people affected by OA. Being the most common form of arthritis, OA affects up to 10% of adults and 20% of the elderly population in Singapore1. Also known as a degenerative joint disease, OA happens when articular cartilage breaks down within a joint, causing underlying bone changes. These arthritic changes that frequently develop over the hands, hips and knees may worsen over time - causing pain, stiffness and swelling that in turn limit and impair physical function2.

In tandem with World Physiotherapy, SPA hopes to advocate for the importance of physical activity and exercise in the prevention and management of OA. This advocacy is a continuum and extension of last year's theme for Singaporeans to #GetUpGetActive.

To address the prevention and management of OA, possible interventions could include:
(i) [S]trength and conditioning, (ii) [P]ain management, (iii) [A]dvocating lifestyle changes.

This pillared SPA's theme for World PT Day 2022, as we celebrate our unity and solidarity with the global physiotherapy community.

The association continues to advocate for the role of physiotherapy in various aspects of our lives and encourages people to 'Choose Physio'. Through this campaign, we hope to highlight the unique and diverse roles that physiotherapists play across different population.

Fall No More!

Did you know? On average, if a senior is above 65 and is active in the community, one in three will likely experience a fall within a year.

Click for Part 1 out of 2

by Physiotherapists from AWWA

Learn more about the dangers of falls and how when improperly addressed, the cycle of falls may set in - affecting well-being and quality of life.

Click for Part 2 out of 2

by Physiotherapists from AWWA

Also, find out more as to how you can check your balance for the risk of falls!

Remember to follow AWWA Instagram and Facebook page for more details!

Step Challenge!

by Physiotherapists from Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital (AMKH)

Do you know staying physically active could be as simple as pledging yourself to a daily Step Challenge?

Find out more from Ang Mo Kio Thye Hua Kwan Hospital's physiotherapist on why walking ≥ 6000 steps/day is important!

Check out Ang Mo Kio THK Hospital's Facebook and Instagram too!

Physical Wellness

by Physiotherapists from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) will be celebrating Physiotherapy Day 2022 with Physical Wellness this 27th September 2022. Should you have well wishes to the PT team at CPAS, kindly send a short video clip of 5 to 10 seconds to pt_general@cpas.org.sg by 16th September 2022!

Visit Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore Facebook.

Move Well, Sit Well; All Day, Every Day

by Physiotherapists from Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH)

Have you been leading a sedentary lifestyle, not knowing its implications on your well being and health? Fret not!

Our physiotherapists from NTFGH, Jurong Health Campus have summarized the key points from the two days worth of talks through this deck of slides to share you this Physiotherapy Day 2022

In there, you will find updates on the Singapore Physical Activity Guideline (SPAG 2022) and much more!

Don't forget to check out their Instagram page @MoveWellSitWell !


Exercises to Aid Recovery After Covid

by Physiotherapists from National University Hospital (NUH)

Thinking of getting back to exercising after COVID but not sure how? Here are few exercises and tips to get you started.

If you experience symptoms such as shortness of breath, dizziness and nausea, stop immediately.

For more information, check out our #AskNUH session on COVID and exercise:

#NUHPhysiotherapy #WorldPhysiotherapyDay #WeAreSPA22

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Or check out @NUHIG on Instagram!

Keeping Active For Life

by Physiotherapists from Yishun Health (NHG)

Yishun Health Physiotherapy Department would like to introduce to you World Physiotherapy Day as we count down to 8th September 2022!

8th September marks the unity and solidarity of the global physiotherapy community, recognising the work that physiotherapists do for their patients and community.

This year’s theme covers “Keeping Active for Life” and “Osteoarthritis”.

Are you staying active enough?

Click to find out:

Why do we need to keep active for life?

How often should I love to keep active?

What is Osteoarthritis?

Exercising with Osteoarthritis.

Do also check out our Instagram page @yhphysiotherapyday to find out more!

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Treasure Hunting and KeepMoving!

by Physiotherapists from Peacehaven Nursing Home

To celebrate this year's World Physiotherapy Day, Peacehaven's Rehabilitation Department has created a Treasure Hunt for staff of Peacehaven to participate in.

This activity hopes to encourage all Peacehaven staff to Get Up and Get Moving, staying active whilst having some fun searching for "treasures” over the course of two weeks.

Click the image above to find out more about the event!


In tandem with the aims of keeping active through the treasure hunt, Peacehaven has also initiated a new project "KeepMoving@Community" in collaboration with students from SOTA.

"KeepMoving@Community" is a series of dance exercise videos aimed to promote physical activity among older adults and is targeted for People Living with Dementia (PLD).

Click the image above to view the videos on YouTube!

Do check out Peacehaven Nursing Home's Facebook!

How Good is Your Balance?

by Physiotherapists from National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS)

In Singapore, falls remain one of the leading causes of injury among older people. Balance and strength training can help improve the body’s sensory, cognitive and musculoskeletal systems to reduce the risk of falls. On this World Physiotherapy Day, learn some simple exercises to help improve your balance and strength!

Click to learn balance and strength training exercises

Check out post on NHCS Facebook.

A New Chapter in Health, Start Strong

by Physiotherapists from Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)

TTSH will be celebrating Physiotherapy Day with PHYSIOFEST 2022!

Celebrate #TTSHPhysioDay with our physiotherapists on 11 September 2022, 9AM to 4PM @ Bishan Community Club, for a fun-filled day with an exciting line-up of activities such as a carnival, mass workouts, health talks and an amazing race.

Sign up here: https://go.gov.sg/physiofest2022

#TTSHPhysioDay #PhysioFest2022 #TTSHealthTips

Are you also keen to learn more about muscular fitness? Or perhaps learn how you could improve your balance

Visit #TTSHPhysioDay posts on their Facebook and Instagram to find out more!

SPA Student Council BUST Myths about OA This World PT Day 2022!

by Physiotherapy Students from Singapore Institute of Technology

With this year's World Physiotherapy Day, we have lined up a series of informative posts on Osteoarthritis!

Click here for a full deck of slides on Osteoarthritis...

Dive in and learn more...

Check out @spa.sc on Instagram!

Arthritis & Exercise: At the Gym

by Physiotherapists from Alexandra Health (AH)

Do you experience knee pain? Are you afraid that exercising at the gym would make the pain worse? You don't have to be! Instead, a lack of exercise can actually make your joints even more painful and stiff. 
In commemoration of Physiotherapy Day, join our active physiotherapists at the gym in this exercise video. This video will cover three arthritis-friendly exercises that will keep your knee muscles and its surrounding tissues strong to maintain support for your bones. Let's get your workout shoes on, and keep that arthritis away!

Click on image above to view video instructions!

Fight Osteoarthritis with NHGP!

by Physiotherapists from National Healthcare Group Polyclinics (NHGP)

Exercise is appropriate for ALL people with osteoarthritis, irrespective of age, severity of osteoarthritis symptoms or level of disability.

To learn more, click on the poster:

You can also follow NHG on Facebook or Instagram!

Pain and Balance

by Physiotherapists from Parkway Rehab

Parkway Rehab has more than 40 years of history in Singapore. Comprehensive care is provided under one roof, with an extensive team of:

  • Physiotherapy (51 Therapists)
  • Occupational Therapy (7 Therapists)
  • Speech Therapy (5 Therapists)
  • Podiatry
  • Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Home Therapy
  • Retail

Every year on the 8th of September, Parkway Rehab celebrates "Rehab Day" with the entire team. Amidst the celebrations, this day marks a moment for all to remind themselves as to why they have chosen their specific profession.

This year, the members of the public were also engaged through a public education forum on "Pain (Are you in Pain?) and Balance (Do you need a balance check?). Participants were engaged in educational quizzes as well as four simple balance tests.

An infographic on "Making Sense of Pain" was also released through IHH Healthcare Singapore's Facebook, providing tips on pain management for better Quality of Life (Click on photo below to view).

Parkway Rehab is also proud of our Physiotherapist, Alizul Ahmed whom was featured on Care To Go Beyond - Allied Health's Feature on Facebook and Instagram.

Wishing all a Happy World Physiotherapy Day 2022!

Exercises at Home

by Physiotherapists from SGH Department of Physiotherapy (SGH)

Regular exercise has been shown to have positive impact on both physical and mental health. It is an investment to your mind, body and soul.

Celebrating World Physiotherapy Day, in conjunction with SGH Physiotherapy 75th Anniversary - SGH Department of Physiotherapy proudly presents a 2 part basic workout routine that is fun to do, easy to follow and effective in increasing your physical activity levels:

Click on photos to access the videos!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Do follow #sghphysio75 for more interesting content from the SGH Department of Physiotherapy!

Such includes:

... and many more... Follow @sghseen now on Instagram!

SGH Department of Physiotherapy was also honoured and excited to have Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin to be a part of their celebrations of World Physiotherapy Day on site. Click on photo below to see more!

SKGH Celebrates World PT Day!

by Physiotherapists from SKH Physiotherapy Department (SKGH)

This World Physiotherapy Day 2022, Sengkang General Hospital physiotherapists hosted a series of activities and practical workshops for the general public to "Get Fit, Don't Quit" and "Aging Fitter, Healthier, Happier."

Through outreaches as such, SKH Physiotherapy Department engaged the general public with practical means to learn more about active aging, encouraging physical fitness.

Do check out Sengkang General Hospital's Instagram for more updates on other events!

Physiotherapy Myth Busters: Moving Towards Better Health

by Physiotherapists from KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH)

Click on photo to view link in Instagram.


Register for the “Physiotherapy Myth Busters: Moving towards better health” public forum: https://bit.ly/3wBECHx


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