Symposium 1

Musculoskeletal 1 - Using Clinical Outcome Measures to Drive Therapy Decision Making

Symposium Chairperson: Mr Anthony Goff, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Topic Title: Outcome Measures for Patient Education

Mr Anthony is a lecturer at Singapore Institute of Technology and is in the final year of his PhD at La Trobe University investigating best practices for patient education in knee osteoarthritis. 

Professor Kay Crossley, La Trobe University, Australia

Topic Title: Can Clinical Outcome Measures Predict those at Risk of Poor Outcome from Knee and Hip Injury?

Professor Kay Crossley is the Director of the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. Kay is a physiotherapist with many years of experience in clinical sports physiotherapy.

Her main research focus is on the prevention and management of persistent symptoms, poor quality of life and early-onset osteoarthritis after sports-related injuries. Her fields are in patellofemoral osteoarthritis following patellofemoral pain, knee osteoarthritis following ACL reconstruction and hip OA following hip-related injuries (including FAI and labral tears).

Kay maintains a strong research interest in optimising treatments for musculoskeletal conditions (e.g. patellofemoral pain and osteoarthritis). She is focused on the prevention of knee injuries, and enhancing outcomes for women.

Dr Jason Choi Yik Ming, Allied Health Chief, Mulgrave Private Hospital, Australia

Topic Title: Outcome Measures in Spinal Physiotherapy Care

Dr Jason Choi is an experienced clinician and educator in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. His area of interests include non-surgical care for spinal and hip dysfunctions, clinimetric properties of outcome measures and clinical education/mentoring. He is currently the Allied Health Chief at Mulgrave Private Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. 

Dr Pua Yong Hao, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore 

Topic Title: Evaluating Performance-Based Physical Outcomes in Total Knee Replacement

Dr Pua Yong Hao is a Senior Principal Physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. He has taught basic research methods to physiotherapists since 2010 and has been a research mentor to several students and allied health professionals. He is an Associate Editor for the Proceedings of Singapore Healthcare and the Chairperson of the SingHealth Allied Health Research Committee. His research focuses on using technology and analytics to assess, predict, and improve physical function – particularly in patients with total knee arthroplasty. He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications and he is a grateful recipient of the Singapore NMRC Transition Award in 2018.

Symposium 2

Neurology 1: Integrating Neuro Research into Clinical Practice

Symposium Chairperson: Associate Professor Li Khim Kwah, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

Associate Professor Li Khim Kwah (or Khim Kwah) is an Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology. She was trained in Sydney, Australia as a physiotherapist. Khim has been a physiotherapist since 2004 and completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Sydney. She has held senior academic and clinical positions at universities and hospitals in Sydney before returning home to Singapore in 2018. Her teaching areas include neurological physiotherapy, evidence-based practice and clinical reasoning, while her current research areas focus on predicting recovery, and improving physical activity in people with stroke/other mobility limitations. Khim is also the Honorary Secretary of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Dr Chloe Chung, Principal PhysiotherapistTan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore 

Topic Title: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease

Dr Chloe Chung is a Principal Physiotherapist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She obtained her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences in 2020. Her PhD thesis titled "Effects of combined repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and treadmill training on gait performance in Parkinson's disease ".  She specialises in the field of neurological rehabilitation with a special interest in Parkinson's disease.

Dr Chin Lay Fong, Principal PhysiotherapistTan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Topic Title: Upper Limb Recovery and Rehabilitation in Stroke

Dr Chin Lay Fong is a Principal Physiotherapist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She has been a physiotherapist for more than 20 years and has special interest in upper limb stroke rehabilitation. With her pragmatism, Lay Fong seeks to introduce research evidence into clinical practice by taking into account constraints of the real clinical environment. She has recently completed her PhD studies in 2021 under NMRC Research Training Fellowship Award.


Ms Eyvonne Sim, PhD Candidate, Singapore

Topic Title: Post Treatment Dizziness, Vertigo and Unsteadiness in Older Adults with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Ms Eyvonne Sim graduated with a Diploma in Physiotherapy from Nanyang Polytechnic in 1998. She was awarded a scholarship by Curtin University to pursue a master’s degree in Physiotherapy (Neuroscience) in 2002. Eyvonne is currently doing her PhD studies on BPPV and older adults with Curtin University, Australia. Her special interests are in Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, PNF, and Vestibular Rehab.

Ms Samantha Koh, Senior Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore 

Topic Title: Prediction of Walking After Stroke

Ms Samantha Koh is a Senior Physiotherapist in Singapore General Hospital. She trained in Australia and has been working in Singapore since 2014. She has worked predominantly in the inpatient acute setting with patients with orthopaedic and neurological conditions. She has taken fresh graduates and polytechnic students under her care. As a researcher, she has explored the use of technology in patients post total knee replacement surgery and is in the midst of conducting a systematic review on prediction models of walking post stroke. She takes an interest in translating research into clinical practice as well as performing clinically relevant research.

Symposium 3

Cardiopulmonary: Current Practices in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy

Symposium Chairperson: Dr Melissa Chan, Vice Chairperson of Pulmonary Hypertension Singapore 

Dr Melissa Chan was a physiotherapist at the Singapore General Hospital where she developed various clinical interests, especially in the areas of cardiopulmonary care, chronic disease management, and clinical teaching. Her specific training and clinical experience include difficult asthma and dysfunctional breathing, airway clearance, pulmonary rehabilitation, and dyspnoea management. Melissa continues to assist in teaching at the local undergraduate physiotherapy programme at the Singapore Institute of Technology. She also helped in the formation of Pulmonary Hypertension Singapore, a non-profit organisation for patients with a rare disease. Melissa is currently the Vice Chairperson of Pulmonary Hypertension Singapore.

Associate Professor Cindy Ng, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Topic Title: Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Associate Professor Cindy Ng is a Senior Principal Physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. She has 22 years experience as a physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. She did her PhD at Curtin University, Perth on the topic of Evaluation and Optimisation of Physical Activity in Individuals with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). More than 10 publications have been generated from the PhD. Her interest includes exercise physiology, chronic disease (non-communicable disease) management primarily diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and COPD.

Cindy is also an Associate Professor with Singapore Institute of Technology with the school of Physiotherapy. A firm believer that exercise is indeed a form of medicine and physiotherapists are well trained to dose and prescribe exercises. She leads a team of physiotherapists in managing obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis and eating disorders in SGH.

Ms Diana Sani, Senior Physiotherapist, National University Hospital, Singapore

Topic Title: Critical Care Rehabilitation

Ms Diana Sani is a Senior Physiotherapist at National University Hospital. She obtained her MSc from University College London. She specializes in the management of critical care patients in medical intensive care, she is an avid early career researcher with vested interested in clinical outcome measures and early mobilisation in the acute care setting. She acts as a clinical mentor to physiotherapy students and staff, and has led numerous local cardiopulmonary physiotherapy workshops.

Mr Tay Hung Yong, Physiotherapist, Rehab Paradigm, Singapore

Topic Title: Cardiac Rehabilitation

Mr Tay Hung Yong is a practicing physiotherapist at Rehab Paradigm. He has spent 19 years in the hospital and non-profit organisation settings, as a registered physiotherapist. His areas of interest lie in exercise therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. He had obtained his Masters of Science in Preventive Cardiology from Imperial College London. His experience included managing the cardiac rehabilitation exercise programme at National University Hospital Singapore and Singapore Heart Foundation. Besides helping clients with heart diseases, he fully embraced the concept of primary prevention and encouraged family members to join the programme with the clients.

Mr Jeremy Lim, Senior Physiotherapist, Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore

Topic Title: Setting Up Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs in an Acute Hospital Setting 

Mr Jeremy Lim is a Senior Physiotherapist from Sengkang General Hospital. He graduated with a Physiotherapy degree from Queen Margaret University in 2012 and a Masters from University College London in 2016. He is currently working in Sengkang General Hospital (SKGH) and is involved in the design and the setting up of the Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme in SKGH.

Symposium 4

Paediatric / Women's Health: Continuum of Care in Maternal and Child Health

Symposium Chairperson: Dr Toh Siao Hui, Senior Physiotherapist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore

Topic Title: Role of Physiotherapy in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

Dr Toh Siao Hui is a senior physiotherapist with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) from University of Melbourne in 2010, and obtained her PhD from Curtin University in 2019 where she was awarded Vice chancellor’s commendation. Her PhD research was on the use of mobile technology devices and their impact on musculoskeletal symptoms in adolescents, conducted with a representative sample of adolescents from Singapore. Her other research interests include scoliosis, physical activity and screen device use, telehealth and paediatric sports/musculoskeletal injuries. She is specialized in treating musculoskeletal conditions in both children and women, including idiopathic scoliosis in adolescents and had specialized training in SpineCor dynamic bracing for scoliosis. She believes and advocates exercises for scoliotic patients of all ages to help improve their posture and function. As a member of the Singhealth EBP subcommittee, she is also actively involved in promoting evidence based practice among allied health professionals in the cluster and her department.

    Ms Yip Wan Hui, Senior Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

    Topic Title: Exercising for Wellness in the Antenatal and Postnatal Period

    Ms Yip Wan Hui is a Senior Physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. She has special interest in managing women in the antenatal and postnatal period. She has been managing a pelvic health clinic for the past 6 years and completed her Master’s in continence and pelvic health in 2019.

    Ms Jenna Kee, Senior Physiotherapist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore

    Topic Title: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction During and after Pregnancy

    Ms Jenna Kee is a Senior Physiotherapist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She graduated from the University of Melbourne with Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2011 and obtained her Master of Clinical Physiotherapy (Continence and Women’s Health Major) from Curtin University in 2017. She is a specialist in the treatment of obstetrics and gynaecology, breast and gynae oncology and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

    Ms Shelly-Anne Sherwood, Senior Physiotherapist, KK Women's and Children's Hospital, Singapore

    Topic Title: Early Intervention Program for Infants

    Ms Shelly-Anne Sherwood is a Senior Physiotherapist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She has worked in the hospital’s neonatal units for the past 8 years and has taken on the role as the Early Intervention team lead in the last 4 years.

    In September 2020, she became a board-certified Neonatal Therapist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy with honors from Brunel University in London in 2010. Since then, she has undertaken several courses in the field, gaining certification in The Newborn Behavioural Observations system; Ignite: Core training and mentoring program for Neonatal Therapist; Movement Analysis and Education Strategies. Shelly has a particular interest in prematurity, early intervention and cortical visual impairment.

    Symposium 5

    Community 1: Transiting Care from Hospital to Community

    Symposium Co-chairperson: Ms Tasneem Basrai, Principal Physiotherapist, Physio Helps Pte Ltd, Singapore

    Tasneem Basrai has been a physiotherapist for more than 27 years. She started her career with Tan Tock Seng Hospital where she pioneered the Domiciliary Rehab Program and serial casting program. She managed the clinical and operational aspects of the Community Rehab Program (CRP) and was instrumental in establishing the clinical worthiness of CRP. She was involved in various projects with AIC like Seniors Mobility Fund Assessment and the National Care Assessment Framework.

    Tasneem now runs her private practice for the past 10 years and administers holistic rehabilitation to elderly patients in their own home. She also provides Physio service at the Tsao Foundation eldercare centre at COMSA (Community of Successful Ageing) @ Whampoa. She is an Associate Faculty at Singapore Institute of Technology Physiotherapy Program. She volunteers in running elder-related programmes in her local community and at various organisations that care for the caregiver. She firmly believes that Ageing in Place is achievable if the whole of society plays an active role.

    Symposium Co-chairperson:  Mr Shawn Soh, Senior Lecturer, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

    Mr Shawn Soh is a Senior Lecturer at Singapore Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a PhD at Queen Margaret University, UK. Shawn is working on developing a self-reported measurement instrument on balance recovery confidence for community-dwelling older people. He is passionate about musculoskeletal rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, rehabilitation technology and healthcare education. Shawn has covered various sectors of physiotherapy work for over 2 decades and currently enjoys the work of inspiring the young minds about the exciting nature of the profession.

    Ms Mina Lim, Director, St Andrew's Senior Care, Singapore 

    Topic Title: Enablers and Barriers with Transition of Care

    Ms Mina Lim is a Director at St Andrew's Senior Care. She graduated as a physiotherapist 27 years ago and worked as a clinician in Singapore General Hospital before joining Nanyang Polytechnic to teach the Diploma in Physiotherapy course. She joins the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to focus on standards in Centre-based care in 2009 and was involved in developing the Implementation Guide to Guidelines for Centre-based Community.

    In 2014, she joins St Andrew’s Community Hospital to set up 5 Senior Care Centres and Community Case Management Services. She continues to provide advisory to AIC and MOH by being involved in ‘One Rehab’, Credential Committee of Physiotherapy in Secretariat of Healthcare Professional Boards (SPB), Healthcare Productivity Fund and Training Advisory Panel for Learning Institutes. Her research interest is in the area of fall prevention and interventions for persons with dementia. 

    Ms Wendy Lim, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, PAP Community Foundation, Singapore 

    Topic Title: The Client's Journey and The Therapist's Interdisciplinary Role

    Ms Wendy is a Senior Principal Physiotherapist at PAP Community Foundation. She has worked in a wide range of settings from musculoskeletal sports medicine to ergonomics, active ageing, geriatrics and dementia care in the community. She has extensive experience in the acute and sub-acute hospital setting where she worked closely with the multi-disciplinary teams to push for a more holistic approach in rehabilitation for patients during their inpatient stay and to encourage community integration through her work in the transitional care team. She has also led multiple service and clinical improvement projects which translates real world research into daily practices in the acute and community settings such as falls prevention and screening in the community.

    In the recent years, she continues to deepen her interest in the area of geriatrics and dementia by moving into the community to work alongside other dynamic multidisciplinary team members to bring about person-centered care for people with dementia and the ageing population. 

    Ms Chua Pei Shan, Principal Physiotherapist, Consult PT Shan, Singapore  

    Topic Title: Home Therapy Services - How Relevant Is It?

    Ms Chua Pei Shan is a Principal Physiotherapist at Consult PT Shan and an adjunct lecturer at Republic Polytechnic, Singapore. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physiotherapy and has a diploma in HealthCare TuiNa (TCM). Since 2011, her focus has been looking into the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of health. In recent years, she has moved into the client’s home to provide holistic therapy for the client, their caregiver, and the family. Now, she is running her private practice combining both western and eastern knowledge on rehabilitation for homebound clients, stroke survivors and those receiving palliative care. A strong believer that every client and their caregiver should be and can be empowered and enabled to own their health, Shan has designed and conducted learning and training for allied health professionals, volunteers, caregivers, and members of the public on numerous platforms locally and internationally. Shan is the founder of the Singapore NeuroDevelopmental Treatment (NDT) special interest group, a Dive Master and a recipient of the National Youth Achievement (Gold) Award.

    Symposium 6

    Education: Defining and Building Physiotherapy Expertise

    Symposium Chairperson: Associate Professor Ong Hwee Kuan, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

    Associate Professor Hwee Kuan is a Senior Principle Physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. She is a clinician educator who spent most of her time in undergraduate and post-professional physiotherapy education. To improve her capacity as a medical educator, Hwee completed a Master of Health Professions Education with Maastricht University in 2017. Academically, she has been a teaching faculty at Singapore Institute of Technology since 2015. Administratively, Hwee Kuan is the Clinical Education Lead for Singapore General Hospital (SGH) since 2016, where she oversees all Allied Health PECT funded clinical attachment programme in SGH campus and is the Education Head for SGH Physiotherapy Department since 2013. She is the Program Director for 2 post-professional programs: the Advanced Certificate in Physiotherapy (2010-2019) and Core Residency in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy (since 2015).

    Mr Tan Hai Yang, Deputy Director of Allied Health, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, Singapore 

    Topic Title: EPA - The Future of PT Competency-based Education

    Mr Tan Hai Yang is the Deputy Director of Allied Health at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. He has been working in public health care for more than 20 years. He started out as a Manipulative Physiotherapist practising in Changi General Hospital which included lecturing stint with Nanyang Polytechnic and conducting low back pain research. In the last 10 years, he moved into an administrative role building the rehab services at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and concurrently, driving research, information technology and governance for the Allied Health division at Jurong Health Campus. He was involved in several national level projects that involved physiotherapy practice, regulation and training. One of his projects was to work with physiotherapists from various sectors to define EPAs for entry level physiotherapy curriculum review.

    Associate Professor Benjamin Soon, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore

    Topic Title: The Changing Landscape in Post Graduate Physiotherapy Training – International trend and local opportunities

    Associate Professor Benjamin Soon is an Associate Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology. He graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Physiotherapy in 2001. He has worked for several years as a senior physiotherapist at National University Hospital and obtained his Master in Manipulative therapy in 2005. He was awarded the Australia Postgraduate Award and completed his PhD in Physiotherapy from The University of Queensland in 2014. Since then, Benjamin has helped to develop and start the first Honours degree in Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy programme from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) – Trinity College Dublin (TCD). He held the position of the programme director for the SIT-TCD bachelor programme from 2016 to 2020. Currently he is the programme lead for the Master and Doctorate in clinical research programme at SIT.

    Dr Jai Prashanth Rao, Consultant Neurosurgeon, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore

    Topic Title: What is Expertise in Post-graduate Medical Training?

    Dr Jai Prashanth Rao is a Consultant Neurosurgeon in the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI). He has over 10 years’ experience in looking after neurosurgical patients and was awarded his FRCSEd (SN) in 2013. Rao also has a strong educational belief and was awarded his Masters of Science (Health Professions Education) from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2015.

    Rao is the Co-course director of the Brain and Behaviour Module for Phase 1 DUKE-NUS Medical School and also teaches at all 3 medical schools. He is currently the Program Director of the SingHealth Neurosurgery Residency Programme which is undergoing nationalization.

    Associate Professor Lita Chew , Group Director, Allied Health, SingHealth, Singapore

    Topic Title: Singapore Pharmacy Speciality Residency Training - Journey of development

    An inspiring pharmacy leader, Associate Professor Lita Chew’s work impacts pharmacy practice and pharmacy workforce in Singapore. These involved the setting up of register for specialist pharmacist, training and development framework for pharmacist specialists, National Pharmacy Residency Training, review of Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician career paths. Including the development of the Competency Framework for Advanced Pharmacy Practice, Training and Development Framework for Pharmacy Technician, and leads the National Pharmacy Strategy, a 10-year plan to transform the pharmaceutical landscape in Singapore. In recognition for her continuous efforts, Lita received the Public Administration Medal in the 2013 National Day Awards.

    Symposium 7

    Chronic Pain: Let's Tame The Chronic Pain Beast - A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

    Symposium Chairperson: Dr Poonam Pal, Senior Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

    Dr Poonam Pal is a Senior Physiotherapist in Changi General Hospital. She graduated with a PhD in Physiotherapy from University of Otago, New Zealand in 2010. She is currently working as a senior physiotherapist at Changi General Hospital (CGH). She was awarded with a Ministry of Health Scholarship in 2017 to pursue a Masters in Health Practice in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Her areas of practice include the emergency department and outpatients musculoskeletal physiotherapy at CGH.

    Dr Prit Anand Singh, Senior Consultant Anesthesia, Director Chronic Pain Management, Changi General Hospital, Singapore 

    Topic Title: A Physician’s Approach to Managing Chronic Pain

    Dr Prit Singh is a Senior Consultant (Anaesthesia) and the Director of the Chronic Pain Management Service at Changi General Hospital. He is also a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the University of Edinburgh since 2017, and a Clinical Associate Professor at Duke NUS Medical School, Singapore.

    Ms Constance Png, Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

    Topic Title: Brief Psychological Strategies for Chronic Pain

    Ms Constance Png is a Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist and head of the team of psychologists at Changi General Hospital (CGH). An alumni of the National University of Singapore (NUS), she obtained her specialist qualification in Clinical Psychology from the University of Macquarie (Sydney, Australia) before joining CGH in 2007.

    Ms Elsa Leung, Principal Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital, Singapore

    Topic Title: Managing Chronic Pain with Physiotherapy

    Ms Elsa Leung is a Principal Physiotherapist at Changi General Hospital. She graduated with a Masters in Physiotherapy (Manipulative Therapy) from Curtin University in 2013. She specialises in treating patients with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems in the outpatient physiotherapy clinic. She has worked with the chronic pain multidisciplinary team for the past 5 years and recently returned from an overseas training attachment [Health Manpower Development Plan (HMDP)] in the United Kingdom on the multidisciplinary management of chronic pain.

    Dr Jessica Yu, Senior Nurse Clinician, Changi General Hospital, Singapore 

    Topic Title: Multidisciplinary Psychoeducation Group Program for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: CGH Experience

    Dr Jessica Yu is a Senior Nurse Clinician with more than ten years of experience working with patients suffering from acute pain after surgeries or traumatic injuries, chronic pain and cancer pain. She has keen interest in education and conducting clinical research besides her clinical duties. She completed her Master of Nursing in 2010 in National University of Singapore, and graduated with a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Duke University in 2020.

    Symposium 8

    Leadership: Advocacy and Change Management

    Symposium Chairperson: Ms Lee Sin Yi, Principal Physiotherapist, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore. President, Singapore Physiotherapy Association

    Ms Lee Sin Yi is a Principal Physiotherapist at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She has 12 years of experience working extensively with geriatric patients in the acute, subacute and community settings. She is currently the Allied Health Services and Pharmacy Lead in the Division of Central Health, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH), where she contributes to the strategic planning and implementation of appropriate multi-domain community programs for the population, including older adults.

    Sin Yi is also the President of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) since 2016. Since her second year as a physiotherapist, she has also taken up roles of the Treasurer, Education Committee and Corporate Communications committee within SPA. Sin Yi sees her involvement within the professional association as one of the critical drivers in her career development, growth and interests. She hopes to continue to learn through her roles in TTSH and SPA, in order to contribute to the profession and the community.

    Associate Professor Nicole Freene, University of Canberra, Australia

    Topic Title:  Advocacy for Physiotherapists as Physical Activity Experts

    Nicole is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health, University of Canberra and was awarded her PhD in 2014. She has been a clinical physiotherapist for over 20 years, mainly working in rehabilitation and more recently in cardiac rehabilitation. Her research focuses on physical activity and sedentary behaviour in adults, both in healthy and cardiac populations. 

    Since 2011 she has published 22 papers in peer-reviewed journals and been awarded over $4,000,000 in competitive grant funding. Nicole has presented as lead author at over 15 international, national and local conferences, and has developed and delivered symposia and workshops on physical activity and physiotherapy nationally and internationally. She is a founding member and the Cardiorespiratory Lead of the Australian National Physiotherapy for Physical Activity group, and is the chair of the Australian Cardiovascular Health and Rehabilitation Association NSW/ACT Professional Development Committee.

    Ms Susan Niam, Chief Allied Health Officer, Ministry of Health, Singapore

    Topic Title: Enabling Physiotherapists to Transform Health and Well-being

    Ms Susan Niam is the first and current Chief Allied Health Officer in the Ministry of Health (MOH) and holds a concurrent appointment as the Registrar of the Allied Health Professions Council that regulates the practice of 5 Allied Health professional groups. At MOH, Susan currently provides professional leadership and oversight in facilitating the development and deployment of models of care to catalyse more effective care transition to the most appropriate settings. She also provides professional input concerning allied health workforce and professional capabilities development. Prior to her appointment in MOH in 2018, Susan was the Chairperson of Allied Health Services and Pharmacy Division at Tan Tock Seng Hospital for 9 years, where she led 13 diverse Allied Health professional groups.

    She graduated from physiotherapy schools in New Zealand and Australia and was practicing for more than two decades. Susan is an active volunteer in several community organizations for more than 20 years.

    Professor Celia Tan, Senior Director (Special Projects), DGCEO (Medical & Clinical Svcs)’s Office, SingHealth, Singapore

    Topic Title: What Lies Ahead for The Physiotherapy Profession, In Terms of Advocacy and Leadership?

    Professor Celia Tan is a Colombo Plan scholar and has more than 35 years working experience in the public healthcare institutions in Singapore. She was also President of the SPA for 10 years advocating in particular for Registration of the profession, establishing a Bachelors Programme in Singapore and planting the Singapore flag in the International arena by bidding for the coveted World Physiotherapy Congress to be held in Singapore. 

    Celia has provided consultation to the various Ministries and academic institutions both in Singapore and overseas. She is also actively involved in Physiotherapy and other Allied Health training in the surrounding Asia countries. 

    These training projects have been recognised by local and overseas awards that have been accorded to Celia, namely, the SIF Global Citizen Award (SIF), the Monasiriphorn Thipadin Award (MOH, Cambodia) the WCPT International Service Award. 

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