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Associate Membership is a new membership offered by the SPA.


Who can apply for the Associate Membership?

There are two categories for Associate Membership:

  • Category 1 (AM1)
    Physiotherapists based outside of Singapore and are keen to take up membership with the Association.Applicants must prove that they are qualified as physiotherapists. They must be registered physiotherapists in the country that they are practicing and/or members of the physiotherapy association in the country they based or their native country.
  • Category 2 (AM2)
    Physiotherapists based in Singapore whose qualification does not meet the Allied Health Professions Council’s requirements and are working as therapist associate/aide/assistant. Applicants must prove that they are qualified physiotherapists in their native country and their membership applications must be endorsed by their local Head of Department (HOD), Human Resource Dept or a Senior Physiotherapist.


What are the rights and benefits of the Associate membership?

  • Rights to join Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Enjoy full benefits for SPA educational series
  • Can convert to Ordinary membership when member’s registration to practice in Singapore is approved
  • Not eligible to vote at the association’s Annual General Meeting
  • Not eligible to run for office of council


How much is the membership fee?

$140 for 2 years membership with $40 (non-refundable) admin fee for new application.


How long does it take to process the membership application?

Within two (2) weeks from the date the application is received, provided all documents and fees payable are in order.


How do I apply and what documents do I need to submit?

Apply for Associate Membership here, and fill in the necessary details, along with required documents for submission.

For further enquiries, please email: