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Call for Workshop


    The 13th Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) 2024 welcomes the submission of high-quality workshop proposals.  The theme of the congress is “Advancing the Frontiers of Physiotherapy: Towards a Healthier SG”.

    WHAT is a workshop?

    Duration: The workshop is either a 2 hour or 4-hour session delivered in English before the congress. The workshop can be delivered individually or by a group of up to 4 registered delegates.

    Aim: The workshop aims to promote and enhance opportunities for knowledge transfer, skills development and collaborative learning in a particular topic.

    Delivery mode: The workshop involves a combination of delivery modes including theory sharing, discussion, hands-on sessions, question and answer session, group work and others. There is usually a high level of audience participation and interaction between audience and workshop facilitator.

    Differences: Workshops differ from symposiums in that workshops are targeted at a smaller audience and tend to be more hands-on.  

    WHAT information is needed to submit a workshop proposal?

    1)    Workshop title:
    Craft an interesting and informative workshop title that provides a clear understanding and picture of the workshop. Try to make it interesting, engaging and descriptive.

    2)    Workshop proposal (maximum of 400 words) that includes:

    1. Learning objectives: Communicate a clear sense of the workshop and its objectives, and plan to either transfer knowledge, or increase the skills of the conference delegates. Tell them what they will gain from attending the workshop.
    2. Description of content: The workshop content should be current, supported by
      research and consistent with best practices. The content should also achieve the learning objectives.

    3)    Outline of workshop: The workshop outline should contain the activities carried out in the workshop. These activities can include, but are not limited to group discussion, pair work/small group work, role play, problem/case-based learning, and practical classes. The time duration for each activity should be listed, for example:

    2-hour session

    • Time
    • Activity
    • 8.30am
    • Group discussion
    • 9.00am
    • Practical class
    • 10.20am
    • Consolidation and feedback
    • 10.30
    • End of session

    4-hour session

    • Time
    • Activity
    • 8.30am
    • Mini-Lecture
    • 8.45am
    • Case-based learning
    • 9.30am
    • Practical class and Role play
    • 11.30am
    • Consolidation and feedback
    • 12.30
    • End of session

    4)      Materials: The type of handouts or other resources that will be provided to attendees during the workshop will also be listed.

    5)      Biography of the workshop facilitator(s):

      1. First name(s)
      2. Last name(s)
      3. Experience/Expertise (maximum of 150 words)
      4. Contact details: 
        • Mailing Address
        • Email
        • Contact Number

    6)      Target audience and number of participants

    7)      AV and other resources required for the workshop

    It is important to write the workshop proposal with an understanding of who will review the workshops and how they will be scored.

    WHO and HOW will the workshop proposal be reviewed?
    All workshop proposals are peer reviewed by professionals knowledgeable in the topic. Professionals will review the proposals based on the following criteria:

    1)    Objectives – Objectives should be manageable/achievable and strongly supported by learning activities throughout the workshop.

    2)    Expertise – Workshop facilitator(s) should be considered experts in their field, or possess a track record of clinical, teaching and/or research experience in the topic area.

    3)    Content and Delivery mode(s) – Content and delivery mode(s) should focus on participants’ needs, and adopt a learner centered approach.

    4)    Relevance – Focus of workshop should develop relevant knowledge and skills that will help physiotherapists to improve patient care.  Ideally, the workshop topic should fit into the theme of the congress: “Advancing the Frontiers of Physiotherapy: Towards a Healthier SG”.

    5)    Outcomes – Delegates will learn something new and be guided and inspired by the workshop facilitator(s) to improve their own professional practice and change for the better.


  • HOW do I submit a workshop proposal?

  • Please download the template below for submission.  The Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) 2024 uses the following email address: SIPCongress@physiotherapy.org.sg for the submission of workshops.

    On submission, please put the following text in your email header: “SIPC2024: Submission of Workshop Proposal [Title of Workshop]”.

  • HOW do I send in enquires on SIPC workshop?

  • Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) 2024 uses the following email address: SIPCongress@physiotherapy.org.sg for any enquires on workshops.


     SIPC 2024 Organising Committee 

Deadline Dates

Call for Workshop Open

1st August 2023

Call for Workshop Close

extended to 30th November 2023

Confirmation of Participation


SIPC 2024 Congress

12th-14th July

Template for Workshop Submission

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