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Congress Day 2 – Sunday, 14th July 2024

Congress Main - Day 2: 14th July (Sunday)
Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Napier Room
8:00am 08:30am Registration & Poster Mounting
09:00am 10:00am Plenary Lecture 2  (Grand Ballroom 1)
Speaker: Professor Coralie English
Topic: Power of Telehealth and Technology to Address the Practice Gap in Secondary Stroke Prevention
10:00am 10:15am  Tea Break and Poster Viewing (15mins) 
10:15am 11:45am

Track: Musculoskeletal 2

Track: Neurology 3

Track: Community 2

Exploring Physiotherapy Practice in the Emergency Department Across the Globe: Similarities, Differences, Challenges, and Opportunities for Advancement Regenerative Rehabilitation: What Holds in the Future? The Journey towards Outcomes - Driven Care

Convenor: Dr Rebekah Griffith

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Convenor: Asst Prof Choo Pei Ling Convenor: Asst Prof Aileen Eugenia Scully
The ED PT practice in Australia including a Case Study that Compares and Contrasts Patient Episode of PT Care in the ED. Regenerating Neural Tissue: The Role of Biofunctional Scaffolds
Data-driven, Patient-centric Rehab: Are Outcomes a Boon or Bane?
Speaker: Dr Marie K. March Speaker: Prof Chew Sing Yian Speaker: A/Prof Shamala Thilarajah
The ED PT practice in Nigeria including a Case Study that Compares and Contrasts Patient Episode of PT care in the ED. Progressing the Field of Regenerative Rehabilitation using Brain Imaging One Rehab: A blueprint for streamlining rehab care
Speaker: Dr Oluwatoyin A. Adeniji Speaker: Asst Prof Choo Pei Ling Speaker: Dr Chloe Chung
The ED PT Practice in Singapore including a Case Study that Compares and Contrasts Patient Episode of PT care in the ED.  Regenerative Rehabilitation: Forging New Frontiers Training - The One Rehab Outcomes
Speaker: Dr Poonam Pal Speaker: A/Prof Wee Seng Kwee Speaker: Asst Prof Aileen Eugenia Scully
The ED PT Practice in the United State of America including a Case Study that Compares and Contrasts Patient Episode of PT care in the ED.
On the Ground - The Perspective of the Physiotherapist Working in the Community Setting
Speaker: Dr Rebekah Griffith
Speaker: Mr Calvin Chua 
Scientific content moderator and Co-author: Dr Stacie Fruth

Q & A Session Q & A Session Q & A Session
11:45am 01:00pm


Cardiopulmonary & Musculoskeletal




Students' Rapid 5

Oral presentation Oral presentation
Oral presentation
Convenor: Mr John Tan Convenor: Asst Prof Choo Pei Ling Convenor: Ms Lee Sin Yi
A feasibility study: physical activity in predicting 30-day readmissions in COPD

Synergistic integration of epidural spinal cord stimulation with robotic therapy and neurorehabilitation to facilitate functional recovery in chronic motor complete spinal cord injury: Rehabilitation Perspectives

The effect of telehealth program of happy 10,000 steps on undergraduate in Hong Kong
Speaker: Ms Geraldine Tung

Speaker: A/Prof Wee Seng Kwee

Speaker: Ms Wong Ka Ching
Retrospective analysis of the impact of pulmonary rehabilitation on long COVID in an acute hospital 

Virtual reality gait training for patients with Parkinson's disease - A systematic review

HOPE( home-based oxygen (portable) and exercise) - Improving mobility in patients on long term oxygen therapy: a home-based physiotherapy program with Novel ambulatory oxygen device.
Speaker: Ms Cindy Lim Speaker: Ms Pang Zhi Ling
Speaker: Mr Alden Lim Heng-Yi
Effectiveness of a musculoskeletal physiotherapy triage clinic to reduce waiting time for outpatient physiotherapy appointment Effects of robotic assisted gait rehabilitation using hybrid assistive limb (HAL) on patients with stroke
Balance performance using Nintendo RingFit Adventure Exergame in individuals with type 2 diabetes
Speaker: Mr Chi Kong Tam Speaker: Ms Amanda Lee
Speaker: Ms Chan Sum Yi
A review of the implementation of a physiotherapy- led spine triage and rehabilitation (STAR) clinic Prescribed exercise program during inpatient rehabilitation and patient compliance
Development of a short form of the balance recovery confidence (BRC) scale using Rasch analysis
Speaker: Mr Linus Tan Speaker: Ms Tracy Ong
Speaker: Mr Ang Chong Wei
Portrayal of falls by the local media
Speaker: Mr Benjamin Kai Chong Low
A scoping review of exercise interventions addressing falls efficacy in community- dwelling older adults
Speaker: Mr Hannathon Jia Hao Tan
Q & A Session Q & A Session Q & A Session
01:00pm 2:00pm SIG Networking Meetings, Lunch & Poster Viewing (60mins)
02:00pm 03:00pm Plenary Lecture 3 (Grand Ballroom 1)
Speaker: Professor Annina Schmid
Topic: Update on Clinical & Scientific Advances in Entrapment Neuropathies
03:00pm 4:30pm

Track: Paediatrics/Women's Health

Track: Special Interest

Track: Special Interest

Straight Talk on Idiopathic Scoliosis: Conservative Approach to Management Patient and Public Engagement in Integrated Knowledge Translation Research: Are we there yet? Ethical Dimensions of Physiotherapy Practice in Singapore: Current Challenges and Future Considerations
Convenor: Dr June Quek Convenor: A/Prof Shamala Thilarajah Convenor: Ms Lee Sin Yi
Scoliosis Management in Adolescents and Adults Unpacking Patient involvement in health technology assessment : The Process and Methods Ethical Challenges Faced by Physiotherapists in Clinical Practice and the Contextual Factors that Influence Ethical-Decision-Making
Speaker: Ms Phoebe Ng Speaker: Ms Tan Ping Tee Speaker: Dr Audrey Lim
Outcome Measures in Scoliosis What can People with Lived Experience Contribute to Research and Why is it Needed. Ethical Considerations with Expansion of Physiotherapy Job Scope in Singapore – Advanced Scope of Practice for Physiotherapists
Speaker: Dr Toh Siao Hui Speaker: Ms Ai Ling Sim-Devadas Speaker: Prof Alan Wong
Physiotherapy Scoliosis-specific Exercises Why is a Strategy for Patient and Public Involvement in Research Important now? Incorporating AI into Physiotherapy
              Practice – Opportunities and Ethical Challenges
Speaker: Ms Farha Nisha Nashruddin Kumar Speaker: Dr Kinjal Doshi Speaker: Asst Prof Victor Cole
Bracing for Scoliosis Supporting People with Communication Disorders in Patient and Public Involvement.
Speaker: Mr Nigel Wong Speaker: Dr Marina Charalambous
Q   & A Session Q & A Session Q & A Session
4:30pm 5:30pm ***   Awards and Closing Ceremony (Spottiswoode Room) ***

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