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Symposium 3 - Cardiopulmonary

Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Implementation of new care delivery models

Learning objectives:

  1. Facilitate exchange of information on rehabilitation services provided for patients with pulmonary diseases through presentations and discussions. 

  2. Share and discuss different delivery care models of pulmonary rehabilitation, diving deeper into review of available resources, organisational and patient needs and preferences.

  3. Discuss and identify future direction of pulmonary rehabilitation with other healthcare professionals within the current Singapore healthcare landscape.

Symposium convenor: Ms Tan Shi Hua, Principal Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital

Biography: With a special interest for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Ms Tan Shi Hua's masters research project studied barriers for patients attending outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation. Her findings were presented at the Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress (2017). She has had more than 10 years of experience managing the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programme in the hospital. She contributes as member of the Valued Driven Care Programme for COPD to help reduce readmission rates through the development of a multi-faceted discharge 'action plan'. Shi Hua is also in the team that identifies COPD frequent fliers and develops care plans in tangent with the outpatient pulmonary programme to improve their self-management strategies.

Speaker: Ms Helina Bte Muhammad Ridzwan Chew, Senior Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital

Topic Title: Centre-based PRP – Use of high flow nasal oxygen

Biography: Ms Helina Bte Muhammad Ridzwan Chew has been working as a physiotherapist in Changi General Hospital for over 8 years. She obtained her Master of Science in Advanced Physiotherapy: Cardiorespiratory (Merit) at University College London in 2020. Her area of interest is in the management of chronic cardiopulmonary diseases in the inpatient and outpatient settings. She aspires to create health awareness and extend the management of such diseases into the community. She participates actively in research studies involving pulmonary rehabilitation within CGH.

Speaker:  Ms Amanda Soh Lu Shi, Principal Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital

Topic Title: Telerehabilitation- Will it be the new norm?

Biography: Ms Amanda Soh is a Principal physiotherapist working at Changi General Hospital. She graduated with a degree in physiotherapy in 2013 from Trinity College Dublin – Singapore Institute of Technology and with Msc in Physiotherapy from University of Nottingham in 2017. Ms Amanda Soh has been working in acute inpatient critical care, inpatient and outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation and outpatient respiratory physiotherapy clinic for patients with chronic respiratory diseases and dysfunctional breathing for 9 years. She is also part of the tracheostomy team that facilitates tracheostomy care and weaning. Ms Amanda Soh is part of Changi General Hospital's monthly Multidisciplinary COPD case conference and also part of the COPD Value driven care. Ms Amanda Soh completed a Service evaluation on physiotherapy led pulmonary rehabilitation in Changi General Hospital, which was accepted as an oral presentation at the Singapore International Physiotherapy Congress in 2018.

Speaker:  Ms Foong Jing Wen, Senior Principal Physiotherapist, Changi General Hospital

Topic Title: Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation - Early intervention for exacerbations in chronic lung diseases and COVID infections

Biography: Ms Foong specializes in Respiratory Physiotherapy, and has worked in multidisciplinary teams to deliver holistic care. She has been involved in various specialized care services and clinical pathways, including Tracheostomy Weaning and Decannulation, Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Value Driven Care programs since 2011. Her keen interest in education and research has opened up avenues for her to explore different methods of elevating clinical knowledge and improving clinical care delivery.

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