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Symposium 8 - Leadership

Empowering Tomorrow's Healthcare: Young Leaders Driving Clinical Excellence

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the importance of quality improvement (QI) in healthcare and its impact on clinical outcomes.
  2. Identify common challenges and best practices in implementing QI initiatives in clinical settings.

  3. Develop strategies for integrating QI into the clinical learning environment and promoting a culture of continuous improvement.

Convenor: Associate Professor Shamala Thilarajah, Singapore General Hospital

Biography:  A/Prof Thilarajah, is a Part-Time Professional Staff with the Chief Allied Health Officer’s Office, MOH and also a Senior Principal Physiotherapist at Singapore General Hospital. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) from 2003, a Master of Health Sciences (Neurological Physiotherapy) from 2008, and a PhD in 2018. A/Prof Thilarajah is actively involved in the implementation of the National One-Rehab Framework today. She has worked across the continuum of care in stroke rehabilitation and she is also an advocate for people with stroke and other disabilities, serving as the current elected President of the Singapore National Stroke Association.

Speaker: Ms Viji Navamany Visvalingam, Senior Physiotherapist, Singapore General Hospital

Topic title: Implementation of self-directed exercise in inpatient rehabilitation: ARISE

Biography: Ms Viji Navamany is a Senior physiotherapist with a Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland. She is passionate about improving the quality of life for her patients, particularly those who have suffered from neurological conditions. Ms Viji is pursuing a residency program in neurological physiotherapy and gained valuable experience in working with these patients. She is deeply committed to empowering individuals to take control of their health through education and preventative measures.

Speaker: Ms Jessica Law, Senior Physiotherapist, National University Hospital

Topic title: Blanket Vestibular Screening Following Mild Head Injury in Neurosurgical and Short Stay Medical Units in an Acute Public Hospital.

Biography: Ms Jessica Law is a Senior Physiotherapist at National University Hospital. She was awarded the Ministry of Health Holdings Healthcare & Nursing Scholarship in 2010 and graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Physiotherapy) with First Class Honours. She is currently specialising in Vestibular and Neurological Rehabilitation and has a keen interest in research in these fields. Under the Learning Development Award by NUH, she completed the Vestibular Competency Course presented by the Duke University School of Medicine and the American Physical Therapy Association, and underwent clinical observations in Emory Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital in 2023. Ms Law is also passionate in clinical education, and was awarded the Star Educator Award by NUH in 2021.

Speaker: Ms Mohena Priyaa Selvakumar, Senior Physiotherapist, Woodlands Health

Topic title: Triaging referrals for patient safety

Biography: Ms Mohena Priyaa Selvakumar is a senior physiotherapist at Woodlands Health (WH). She has been a physiotherapist since 2013, having completed her Bachelors in Physiotherapy with Trinity College Dublin (2014) and her master’s degree in advanced cardiopulmonary physiotherapy with University College London (2021). She is currently the lead for the cardiopulmonary (and intensive care unit) team of physiotherapists at her institution. She is the physiotherapy representative for the following workgroups at WH – Health Optimisation Perioperative Programme (HOPE), Tiered Weight Management (TWM), Hyper-Acute Unit, Complex Inpatient Care and Advanced Scope for Tracheostomy Weaning. She was featured in Prime Minister Lee’s National Day Rally on 29th August 2021 in recognition of the service rendered for patients with COVID-19. She has been a clinical educator to multiple batches of physiotherapy students and is currently a clinical mentor to junior physiotherapists.

Speaker: Ms Chia Kah Lai, Senior Physiotherapist, Outram Community Hospital

Topic title: Implementation of stroke circuit class in a community hospital

Biography: Ms Chia Kah Lai is a senior physiotherapist at Outram Community Hospital. She graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours Class 1 in 2013. She has 6 years of working experience in the acute setting as well as 4 years in the community setting. Her clinical interests lies in stroke and neurological rehabilitation.

Speaker: Ms Durga Maniam, Senior Physiotherapist, National University Hospital

Topic title: Barriers and enablers to implementing cardio respiratory training in stroke : findings from World Cafe

Biography: Ms Durga Maniam is a senior physiotherapist working at National University Hospital with more than 10 years of clinical experience. In 2017, she was awarded the Academic Medicine Development Award (AMDA) to further her knowledge in physiotherapy management of neurological conditions with a Masters in Neurorehabilitation at Brunel University London. Ms Durga Maniam has extensive clinical knowledge in the management of patients with neurological conditions and currently oversees Neurological physiotherapy services at NUH. She has a keen interest in innovation and technology in rehabilitation and has been leading the development of new services such as the usage of virtual reality technology in patients with neurological conditions.

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