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About the Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress

The Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) is a biennial congress organised by the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA). This will be the 13th run in 2024 and we are back to face-to-face workshops and conference.

Why attend the Singapore-International Physiotherapy Congress 2024 (SIPC 2024)

SIPC is the only profession specific event that brings local (Singaporean) physiotherapists across different sectors together. Any physiotherapist, no matter how many years of experience, will be able to attend and participate in the workshops and symposiums that are being lined up.

Furthermore, SIPC is the perfect place to network and meet physiotherapists and healthcare professionals from different healthcare sectors.

Finally, SIPC allows participants to be updated with the latest advances/ services in each specialization of physiotherapy.

About the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA)

Since 1964, the Singapore Physiotherapy Association has served to unite, support and represent the physiotherapy profession and beyond.

Our Vision
To be united as one voice and to advocate for high standards of physiotherapy in Singapore.

Our Mission

To represent the physiotherapy profession in Singapore by:

  • Encouraging high standards of physiotherapy practice, education, and research
  • Promoting safe, effective, and proven clinical standards and practice
  • Supporting and uniting physiotherapists in Singapore and beyond

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