ELECTRO-PHYSICAL AGENTS SIG - Executive Committee Members

  1. Mr Dinesh Verma - Chairperson
  2. Ms  Jennifer Liaw
  3. A/Prof Edwin Lim
  4. Dr Ng Tze Siong


  1. Prof Celia Tan


  • Advocate evidence-based practice and use of Electro-physical Agents in Physiotherapy.
  • Evaluation procedures involving EPA include (but are not limited to) ultrasound imaging and electro-neurophysiological testing in order to assist with physical therapy diagnosis, guide treatment procedures and to evaluate treatment outcomes.
  • Treatment procedures involving EPA include (but are not limited to) the use of electromagnetic, acoustic and mechanical energies to produce biophysical effects at the cellular, tissue, organic and whole body levels in order to achieve physiological and clinical effects which serves to maintain and optimize health.

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