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  • 19 Feb 2022 5:04 PM | Anonymous
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  • 8 Sep 2021 3:31 PM | Anonymous

    Dear Physiotherapy Colleagues and Friends,

    It is time again for us to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day 2021!

    As Singapore moves into the endemic normal, we learn to live alongside COVID-19 as residents and as physiotherapists. The healthcare community including physiotherapists continue to soldier on during these challenging times, juggling care for patients diagnosed with COVID-19, and other patients who require physiotherapy.

    SPA has chosen to focus on the theme “Get Up! Be Active!” this Physiotherapy Day, emphasizing the importance of movement and active lifestyle particularly during the endemic situation. As working from home and telecommuting becomes a main stay in the future, the corresponding risks of sedentary behaviour and inactivity will most certainly rise across all age groups. There lies the urgent need to promote physical activity and exercise, a role that the physiotherapy profession is well-placed for.

    As the COVID-19 situation continue to evolve, one thing is certain. The physiotherapy profession must continue to build on our standards of practice, embrace new ways of carrying out rehabilitation and embark on new frontiers together. It is critical for physiotherapists in the different sectors to come together, to share, learn and transform care for the better. SPA aims to be the bridge across sectors of our profession and lay the stage to inspire collaborative efforts. 

    This Physiotherapy Day, SPA launched Physiotherapy Awards 2021, to honour the significant contributions of physiotherapists in the public, intermediate and long term care, as well as the private sector. In addition, a Promising Physiotherapist award will be awarded to recognize young physiotherapists who have demonstrated commitment and passion for their work in the short period of 5 years or less. Please stay tuned on our outreach platforms including social media as we announce the results. Our heartfelt congratulations to the awardees this year!

    SPA would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, our fellow colleagues and friends for your selfless dedication and immense efforts in serving our patients and clients. SPA hopes to continue to work with all of you to move our profession forward, advocating for physiotherapy standards and professional development, in order to contribute to our society’s health and well-being.

    Our journey onwards may not be easy, but I would like to leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Mr Walt Disney, “First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare.”.

    We can think, dream, believe and dare as a profession.

    Take heart that we have one another in this journey. Take courage that we will only be stronger if we unite as a profession.

    I look forward to the day when we can once again gather physically face-to-face. Till then, please continue to stay safe and keep well!

    Meanwhile, SPA will continue to reach out to all of you via virtual means.

    Last but not least, here’s wishing a very Happy Physiotherapy Day 2021 to everyone!

    Yours truly,

    Sin Yi Lee

    President (2020-2022)

    Singapore Physiotherapy Association

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  • 24 Dec 2020 5:13 PM | Deleted user

  • 7 Sep 2020 2:40 PM | Deleted user

    Dear Physiotherapy Colleagues and Friends,

    It is yet time again for us to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day 2020! This year has been a challenging one for Singapore, and for many other countries. When COVID-19 hit the world, physiotherapists from across different countries stepped up to support their own communities, no matter the different roles we play during this pandemic.

    In Singapore, many of our physiotherapy colleagues contributed to not only the care of patients diagnosed with COVID-19, some volunteered to help out in other roles within dormitories or screening centres, while others continued to serve their patients amidst challenging guidelines and regulations. We are grateful for your courage and perseverance to always do your best for your patients, their families and caregivers.

    This Physiotherapy Day, SPA would like to take the opportunity to appreciate our physiotherapists for your dedication and commitment. The SPA COVID-19 special feature that was published 2 weeks ago puts together the stories of patients, caregivers and physiotherapists during the pandemic times. We hope that the stories will encourage all of us to continue to strive for the patients we serve, and to take courage, that the physiotherapy profession will always be united as one.

    The pandemic situation has also highlighted to us the ever-pertinent need of public education and awareness, with regards to the role of physiotherapy and its various fields. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and its role received particular emphasis during COVID-19 with patients around the world requiring interventions to manage their respiratory symptoms. In addition, rehabilitation along the COVID-19 journey is equally critical to ensure the return to health and quality of life post illness.

    SPA has launched our very own campaign “MOVEMENT MATTERS. CHOOSE PHYSIOTHERAPY” this year, starting with a video that captures some of the areas of specialisation of physiotherapy. The idea was carefully put together by a volunteer team of physiotherapists and we engaged a professional production company for the filming and video editing. Following this, we hope to gather more ideas to educate the public and community about how physiotherapy can help them, to achieve optimal health and wellness. Especially crucial in the new norm that Singapore is going through, physiotherapists can step forward to help patients, caregivers and families through these difficult times.

    Importantly, the role of SPA stood out in these pandemic times, as an advocate for our patients and profession, through close communication with Ministry of Health, other Associations and our membership via various platforms to ensure consistent information flow and updates. It was never more evident why the professional association play a key part in supporting the physiotherapy profession. SPA will continue to work hand in hand with other stakeholders such as Ministry of Health and the Allied Health Professional Council, beyond the pandemic times, to advocate for physiotherapy standards and professional development, in order to contribute to our society’s well-being.

    Remember that we will all be stronger if we unite as one. The profession can only grow to support our community and society, if we harness each other’s strengths along the way.

    With this, I would like to leave you with a quote from Mother Theresa, “I can do things you cannot, You can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things”.

    A Happy Physiotherapy Day 2020 to all our physiotherapy colleagues and friends!

    We hope to see all of you in our very first virtual AGM on the 9th September.

    Meanwhile, please stay safe and stay well!

    Yours truly,
    Sin Yi Lee
    Singapore Physiotherapy Association


    P.S. This year,  SPA council has selected a beautiful foldable umbrella with wooden handle as PT Day gift for all its members.

    The centers for collection of the umbrellas will be published on 15 September on website, email broadcast and social media.  Members in the bigger hospitals and organisations, the gifts will be delivered to your work place.

    Should you have any enquiries with regards to the PT Day gift, kindly email us at membership@physiotherapy.org.sg or whatsapp us at 97996450.

  • 6 Apr 2020 4:52 PM | Deleted user

    Updated :  28th June 2020

    Overcoming Coronavirus COVID-19: TOGETHER WE STAND!

    The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic across the world calls for concerted efforts amongst all countries and healthcare professionals globally.

    Physiotherapists in Singapore, like in different part of the world have been assisting governmental efforts whether is it attending to patients who are affected by the COVID-19 virus, frontline screening and backend contact tracing efforts.

    SPA would like to thank you for your tireless efforts, relentless dedication and courageous resilience during this time.

    We have been keeping abreast of the developments of the coronavirus situation and are committed to ensuring that information and resources are available to the physiotherapy community.

    Information and Resources that are useful for physiotherapy practice

    • SPA advisory for the private physiotherapy sector (updated version 8 on 18th May 2021): written with advice from the Chief Allied Health Officer’s Office (Ministry of Health).  
    • MOH resources:

    Should you have any enquiries, please email us at secretary@physiotherapy.org.sg.

  • 23 Mar 2020 5:06 PM | Deleted user

    SIPC 2020 Postponed to 2021

    Dear Colleagues,

    The Singapore International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) 2020 is postponed to July 2021 due to the COVID-19 situation.  The pre-congress workshops will take place on 2nd July 2021 and the main congress from 3rd to 4th July 2021 at the Academia, 20 College Road, Singapore 169856.

    Our overseas invited experts have been informed and have demonstrated their support for the decision and their commitment to participate in SIPC 2021.

    We hope that you are available on the new dates and will continue to support the conference.   Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Please do email the SIPCongress@phsiotherapy.org.sg,  if you have any questions regarding this situation.  Do visit the congress website: https://www.physiotherapy.org.sg/sipc2020/ for updates.

    Let’s keep the enthusiasm for SIPC 2021 going!

    Thank you.

    Dr Shamala Thilarajah
    Congress Chairperson
    SIPC 2020/21

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