Associate Membership – FAQs

Who can apply for the Associate Membership?

  • Category 1 (AM1)
    Physiotherapists based outside of Singapore and are keen to take up membership with the Association. Applicants must prove that they are qualified as physiotherapists. They must be registered physiotherapists in the country that they are practicing and/or members of the physiotherapy association in the country they based or their native country.
  • Category 2 (AM2)
    Physiotherapists based in Singapore whose qualification does not meet the Allied Health Professions Council’s requirements and are working as therapist associate/aide/assistant. Applicants must prove that they are qualified physiotherapists in their native country and their membership applications must be endorsed by their local Head of Department (HOD), Human Resource Dept or a Senior Physiotherapist.

What are the rights and benefits of the Associate membership?

  • Rights to join Special Interest Group (SIG)
  • Enjoy full benefits for SPA educational series
  • Can convert to Ordinary membership when member’s registration to practice in Singapore is approved
  • Not eligible to vote at the association’s Annual General Meeting
  • Not eligible to run for office of council

How much is the membership fee?

  • $140 for 2 years membership with $40 (non-refundable) admin fee for new application.

How long does it take to process the membership application?

  • Within two (2) weeks from the date the application is received, provided all documents and fees payable are in order.

How do I apply and what documents do I need to submit?

Changes to Membership Requirements in Accordance with the Allied Health Professions Act

  1. The Allied Health Professions Act was passed in parliament on 10th Jan 2011. The Ministry of Health recently announced that the first phase of the Act implementation has taken effect on the 15th April 2013. Physiotherapists who wish to practise actively will have to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC). Physiotherapists are given a year (grace period) to be registered with the AHPC. For more information on AHPC, please visit
  2. The Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) has consulted various stakeholders and reviewed its membership criteria. The membership and admission committees under the council of SPA have streamlined their processes in line with the latest changes.
  3. To qualify for an ordinary/spouse/postgraduate membership, new applicants must show proof that they can be registered to practise in Singapore with the AHPC.
  4. New applicants must submit the following mandatory documents to the membership committee to process: (i) Certified True Copy Educational Certifications (i.e: NYP Diploma, BSc, Masters, PhD)*, (ii) Letter of Employment, (iii) AHPC Certificate of Registration (to be submitted to Membership Committee by 15th April 2014.)^
  5. There are no changes to the administrative and membership fees.
  6. The SPA Safety and Ethics test has ceased its operation with effect 07 December 2013.
  7. For overseas applicants who are keen for SPA membership, the Admission and Membership Committees have proposed a new category of membership type – Associate Membership. However, this new proposal has to be passed through the Registrar of Societies. Overseas applicants are advised to enquire the status in March 2014. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For further enquiries, please email us at

Joint Statement by the Admission and Membership Committee

* Company’s Human Resources Department, Head of Department, Chief Physiotherapist or Person with Good Standing can certify documents as true copies.

^ For further clarification, please write

Q#1: I would like to work in Singapore and am not sure of the procedure to begin

  • For non-residents working in Singapore, they must hold a valid work pass. The requirements and procedures that need to be fulfilled are determined by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)

    Details can be found at:

  • Since you are trained overseas and do intend to work in Singapore, you will need to find your prospective employer who would assess if you have the necessary experience and skills, to be offered a job in Singapore. Your employer would then make a work pass application to the Ministry of Manpower. Your professional credentials and qualification would be evaluated as part of the work pass application, and you will be subsequently advised through your employer on the outcomes of the work pass application.

    We periodically display advertisements from prospective employers. You can find them on the Association home page.

  • To work as a physiotherapist in Singapore, you are required to register with the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) through your prospective employer in Singapore. AHPC will assess all applications for registration, and determine the registration status of applicants and whether the applicant would be required to sit for the qualifying examinations.

    Please refer to the Allied Health Professions Council website for more details.

  • Some employers would prefer their future employees to become members of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA).

    For more information on SPA membership, please visit the membership page

  • Please note that the registration to practice is independent of obtaining a membership with the Association and SPA membership does not entitle you to work as a physiotherapist in Singapore.

Q#2: How can I set up a private practice / clinic?

You will need to register your private physiotherapy service business with The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

ACRA will forward the application to Ministry Of Health (MOH), which will request for relevant documentation before ACRA processes the application. Upon successful business registration, follow ACRA ruling for running a business in Singapore.

Apart from the usual requirements for business registrations you would probably have to check if your rental space is allowed for practising physiotherapy and if the location is able to support the needs of your practice (e.g. power supply, sink for hand hygiene).

You will have to check this with the relevant authorities when renting your space. The property agent should be able to advise further.

Q#3: I am interested in internships / job shadow opportunities

You may wish to approach the general contact channels of the major hospitals in Singapore to learn about the internship opportunities they may have. The contact details of the various hospitals are appended below for your convenience:

We wish you every success in your internship.

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