Year: 2021

1January, 2021February
Feb 24 SPA JPTA Joint Webinar - The Use of Robotics in Rehabilitation
Mar 18 SPA Webinar - Use of fitness trackers in healthy adults, chronic respiratory diseases and stroke
Apr 08 SPA Neuro SIG: Research/clinical practice updates in Parkinson's disease
May 06 [External] - 9th Singapore International Parkinson Disease & Movement Disorders Symposium
May 06 SPA Neuro SIG - Spasticity management after Stroke: when to treat, what to do, and what to look out for?
May 19 Singapore Physiotherapy Association 57th Annual General Meeting
Jun 10 SPA Education Webinar - Sarcopenia: what do the measures tell us and what can be done?
Jun 17 SPA MSK SIG Webinar: Differential Diagnoses and Red Flags for Knee Pain
Jun 30 SPA Webinar - Workforce Ready: Transiting from Student to Physiotherapist
Jul 02 Singapore International Physiotherapy Congress (SIPC) 2021
Jul 09 SPA-MSK SIG Webinar - Physiotherapist vs Strength & Conditioning Professionals
Jul 22 SPA Webinar - Resilience During the Pandemic: Coping with Change and the New Normal
Jul 29 SPA Webinar: Resilience Starts With Me
Aug 05 SPA MSK SIG Webinar in conjunction with the Pain Association of Singapore: Psychologically Informed Physiotherapy
Aug 19 SPA Neuro SIG Event - Addressing the Elephant in the Therapy Gym: Trunk control in Neurological Patients.
Aug 25 SPA MSK SIG Share & Learn Night
Sep 09 SPA EPA SIG Webinar - Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES): Myths, Misconceptions and Half Truths
Sep 17 SPA MSK SIG: Clinical reasoning in Physiotherapy part I
Sep 23 SPA Neuro SIG Event: Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) – updates on management
Sep 29 SPA MSK SIG Share & Learn Night II
Oct 07 SPA MSK SIG: Clinical reasoning in Physiotherapy part II
Oct 08 [External] 2021 SMA e-CONFERENCE
Oct 28 SPA Neuro SIG Event: Stroke Updates for 2020 to 2021
Oct 29 SPA MSK SIG Share & Learn Night III
Nov 04 SPA MSK SIG: Clinical reasoning in Physiotherapy part III
Nov 11 SPA Education Event: Physiotherapy and the earth's global climate: a need for cultural change (revisited)
Dec 09 [External] - 7th Singapore Palliative Care Conference (SPCC 2021)
Dec 16 SPA EPA SIG Event: Led by Mr Dinesh Verma (Details tbc)

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