Year: 2022

1January, 2022
Jan 15 SPA Education COVID-19: Rehabilitation Perspectives and Challenges
Jan 27 [External] - PAS Quarterly Webinar on Pain & Movement Reasoning Model
Feb 17 SPA Webinar: SAF Prehabilitation Exercise (PX)
Mar 03 SPA Webinar on Behind the Scenes: Singapore's Medical Team for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games
Mar 10 SPA Education Webinar: Charting Your Career Progression
Apr 26 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Common Mistakes When Designing and Conducting Randomised Trials
May 24 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Going beyond p-values, confidence intervals, within- vs between-group comparisons
May 25 SPA Education Webinar: What does it take to rebrand the perception of Physiotherapy in Singapore
May 28 SPA-MSK SIG Symposium: Shoulder Extravaganza 2022
Jul 06 SPA Webinar: One-Rehab Framework - Assigning Rehabilitation Diagnostic Groups (RDGS) for Complex Cases
Jul 21 SPA-Neuro SIG Webinar: Regenerative Rehabilitation: Forging New Frontiers in Patients Recovery
Jul 23 SPA Education Workshop: Basic Obesity Management Workshop for Physiotherapists
Jul 26 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Inspiratory Training Muscle Training Across the Clinical Sub-disciplines of Physiotherapy
Aug 16 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Promotion of Physical Activity and Strategies for Dissemination of Physiotherapy Research
Sep 15 SPA-Neuro SIG Webinar: Early Mobilisation of Neurosurgical Patients: What You Need to Know
Oct 11 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Recent Research into the Implementation of High-Intensity Practice in Rehabilitation
Oct 17 SPA EPA SIG Webinar - Led by Dinesh Verma (Details to be confirmed)
Nov 15 SPA-PEDro Webinar: Common Mistakes When Designing and Conducting Observational Studies and Surveys
Nov 24 SPA-Neuro SIG Webinar: Community reintegration of Individuals with Neurological Conditions: How, What and Where?

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