SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP – Information and Guiding Principles


Currently, the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs)/ Chapters are registered with the Association:


  1. The Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) offers reinstatement and new set up for clinical special interest group (SIG) within the Association.
  2. SIGs are to be organized to exchange scientific knowledge and to promote the advancement of physiotherapy practice in Singapore or internationally.
  3. The Association will provide the operating framework of setting up and running of the SIG.
  4. The Association will provide seed funding to reinstate and set up SIG within the Association.
  5. The operating framework is bound by the constitution of the Association. SIG should not be operating outside of Association’s constitution.
  6. The SPA Council reserves the rights to change the operating framework and seed funding mechanism of SIG.
  7. The Association is responsible for all SIG registered with the Association and Education Committee is responsible for all communications with the SIG.

Those who are interested to setup SIGs, please email secretary@physiotherapy.org for details.

SIGs membership are opened to all SPA members.  Kindly login to your membership portal and click to join the SIGs of your interest.

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