SPA Position Statement on Dry/Medical Needling

Dry/ Medical needling has been a physical modality employed by physical therapists or physiotherapists under the acknowledgment of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) since the 1980s.

The Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) is also acknowledging Dry/Medical needling to be a possible physical modality to be prescribed and administered by a trained Dry/Medical needling physiotherapist.

A trained Dry/Medical needling physiotherapist should process a qualified Physiotherapy qualification and in addition, obtained an accredited certification or attended course(s) in Dry/Medical needling which are under the recommendations of the International Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapist (IAAPT).

The therapist should also practice Dry/Medical needling with compliance to the law and legal requirement of the jurisdiction set by the institute he or she practices in and the law of Singapore.

The Dry/Medical needling physiotherapist will also have to bear his or her own professional indemnity and liability when applying such modality.

Please refer to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act (Chapter 333a) for more information.

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