How to Apply / Renew

//How to Apply / Renew
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New Applications

All new applicants  must visit our registration page to register for an account (fill in all the necessary fields). Once registered, you can then apply for membership by selecting the appropriate membership from this list, and paying the fee (credit card payment available).  If you are AHPC registered, no other documents are required to be submitted.  Otherwise, we may contact you once your application is received to submit documents such as:

  • Certified true copy of NRIC or passport showing particulars and photo
  • Certified True Copy Educational Certifications (i.e. NYP Diploma, BSc, Masters, PhD).
  • Certified True Copy of Letter of Employment
  • Certified True copy of registration to practice as a physiotherapist in the country of practice (for applicants who are currently practising overseas), if any.
  • Certified true copy of membership of physiotherapy association in native country, or country of practise, if any.
Register for an account

Renewals / Conversion

Members who are renewing or converting their membership must be logged in to their account first. Then, select the appropriate renewal pack (early renewal, standard renewal, or late renewal), choose the membership category, and submit the following mandatory documents to the membership committee to process (if they did not do so originally):

  • If converting membership, please submit certified true copy of marriage certificate (if converting to spouse membership), or certified true copy of postgraduate educational certificate (if converting to postgraduate membership)

To renew your membership:

Your company’s Human Resources department, Head of Department, Chief Physiotherapist or Person with Good Standing can certify documents as true copies. Legal practitioners, Notary Public and Justices of Peace may also certify the documents as true copies.

For any enquiries, email